Specialises in processing and exporting essentially two types of natural stones. 




Marmocazi is a marbles and limestones manufacturing company, established since the late 40’s by António Domingos Cazinhas with the purpose of supplying the domestic market from north to south.

The company joined the Portuguese evolution of the stone sector and in the 80’s began exporting, thus knowing and ensuring the fidelity of customers worldwide.

Today our trademark is the seriousness and professionalism which we approach and provide our customers, with a good potential of human resources and technology to achieve the best quality.



Our transformation and Finishings Unity is Fully Equiped With Modern and Sofisticated Machinery, Very Skilled and Experienced Workers. High Precision Cutting Machines, Polishing and Finnishings  wich Garanties  a Wide Variety of Products with High Quality Standards.

  • STONE CUTTINGNumerically controlled bridge sawing machine, mainly used to cut slabs of marble, limstones. You can make any type of cut (straight or profiled, vertical or inclined).
  • STONE POLISHING We have technology capable of producing all types of finishes required by the market, which guarantees the final quality of the surface of our marbles and limestones.
  • STONE TRANSFORMATION Transformation of marbles and limestones. In the transformation process, we pay special attention to quality.
  • STONE FINISHING Qualification and our experience combined with strict quality control allow us to guarantee the excellence of our final product. Stone allows a wide variety of finishes (polished, honed, brushed, sanded, flamed, bush hammered), allowing the customer to adapt them to the desired environment.
  • EXPORT – We work for the foreign markets.